Coloured Pencils

At Hobbycraft we have coloured pencils from the world's famous brands, like Tombow, Pelikan, Prismacolor, and Conté à Paris Colour pencils. These colour pencils are a popular artistic medium used for drawing and colouring. They are made up of a wooden barrel filled with a coloured pigment core, which is usually composed of a combination of wax, pigments, and binders. When using coloured pencils, artists can achieve different effects depending on the pressure applied to the pencil and the layering of colours. Coloured pencils are commonly used for various art forms, such as drawing, colouring books, illustration, and mixed media artwork. They are also popular among children and students for school projects and creative activities. One of the main advantages of coloured pencils is their versatility. They can be used for a wide range of artistic techniques, including shading, layering, blending, and detailing. Coloured pencils are available in a vast array of colours, allowing artists to create rich and vibrant artworks.
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